Firefighter Passes Away In A House Fire, Leaving Behind His Pregnant Wife And Toddler Son

This Wednesday, a fire broke out in New Haven, Connecticut, in a two-story house at around 12:45 p.m.

Firefighters on the scene were alerted to the fact that several people were trapped in the house, and the fire was raging.

They quickly set to work rescuing the people trapped by the blaze, while trying to put the fire out.

There were two people found inside the house. One of them was rushed to the hospital and treated for injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening.

The second person rescued by firefighters was treated right then and there, and also did not suffer serious injuries.

At 1:15 in the morning, a mayday call came over the radio that there was a firefighter on the second floor of the house.

This firefighter was “lost and disoriented” according to a press release from the City of New Haven Department of Fire Services, Office of the Chief.

Facebook; pictured above is firefighter Ricardo Torres

A rescue team went in to save this lost firefighter, and when the team got inside they found him and another man unconscious.

Both of the unconscious men were rushed out of the still burning home.

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