He Texted His Wife Saying He Was Lost In The Woods And 2 Days Later This 71-Year-Old Man Was Rescued

“Based on this data, and statements made by family and friends, SAR members believed Dean was alive and mobile,” the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office continued.

“Despite treacherous trail conditions, SAR members forged ahead and continued their search efforts. On Monday morning, a team located Dean near the Horsetail Creek trail.”

After being lost for 2 days, Joseph was finally found.

The trail he had taken was destroyed in a fire that swept through the area in 2017, making it hard for Joseph to see where he was really going. Those trails had also been closed after the fire happened.

Although Dean didn’t have any overnight camping gear with him, he did have a balaclava, jacket, and thermal leggings.

He was able to survive by rationing the snacks he had brought with him.

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above rescuers get Joseph to safety so he can be reunited with his family

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