Her Coworker Found Her Fiancé Looking For One-Night Stands On Tinder And Sent Her The Messages

Imagine thinking the person you have spent the past decade with isn’t who you thought they were at all.

This is turning into one young woman’s reality after her 19-year-old coworker found her 27-year-old fiancé looking for one-night stands on Tinder.

Now, she’s wondering how to even begin to move on from having her life turned upside down on her.

“My partner (27M) of 10 years (engaged for 3 of them) just got found yesterday on Tinder by a new coworker of mine,” she explained.

“We just moved to this new town where he got his dream job and we even bought a house.”

“He was a supportive, loving, and totally sweet guy.”

Her coworker sent the screenshots of her conversation with him on Tinder, and here they are.

Imgur; pictured above is one of the 4 different screenshots of her coworker’s conversation with her fiancé

Imgur; pictured above is the second screenshot of their conversation on Tinder

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