She Was Last Seen Getting Into A Cab In Times Square With Some Unknown People: Where Did Christine Hammontree Go?

Instagram; pictured above is an Instagram story posted by the NYPD regarding Christine’s disappearance

“Hammontree, who was reported missing to the Falmouth Police Department by her parents on May 25th, was last seen in surveillance video at the McDonald’s restaurant in Times Square, New York in the early morning hours of May 24th,” the Falmouth Police Department said in a statement.

Facebook; pictured above is a flyer for Christine

“Hammontree was wearing an oversized blue t-shirt, cut off light blue jeans, sandals, carrying an orange backpack and wore black Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses on the top of her head. Hammontree was last seen getting into a vehicle outside of McDonald’s with a group of unidentified individuals.”

Facebook; one of Christine’s friends shared the above photo of her with a mask on and jewelry she normally wears

If you have any information on where Christine could be, please call the Falmouth Police Department at (207) 781-2300.

Facebook; pictured above is the statement from the Falmouth Police Department

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