She Was Last Seen Getting Into A Cab In Times Square With Some Unknown People: Where Did Christine Hammontree Go?

Falmouth, Maine. 29-year-old Christine Hammontree had studied marketing at The University of Connecticut before starting her career as a social media manager.

She used to live in New York City, but she had made the move back to Falmouth, Maine not that long ago to live with her mom and dad.

Although Christine had moved 5 and a half hours away from the city, she still had a boyfriend that lived there.

Last week, Christine traveled back to New York City to spend some time with her boyfriend, but then she disappeared.

Facebook; pictured above is Christine

Christine was dressed in shorts, black flip-flops, and an oversized blue-colored shirt on the day she went missing.

She was also carrying an orange backpack.

It was 2:10 in the morning on Monday when Christine was last spotted at the McDonald’s on Broadway in Manhattan located at 1515 Broadway.

She was last getting into a car in Times Square with unknown people, and nobody has heard from her since then.

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