She Rescued 3 Children That Were Drowning In Lake Michigan

Manistee, Michigan. 4 days ago on May 25th, Alyssa DeWitt packed up her kids and took them to First Street Beach.

Alyssa wasn’t even sure she wanted to take her kids to the beach that day due to how windy it was outside.

As she sat in her car thinking about whether she wanted to go through with her beach day or not, she felt like something was telling her to go. So, she drove off to the beach along with her children.

When Alyssa arrived at the beach, she picked the pier side to be on. As she and her kids were enjoying their day out, she noticed something alarming in the water.

Facebook; pictured above is Alyssa

“While the kids and I were there this afternoon, I noticed a pair of hands waving towards me from the water,” Alyssa wrote in a Facebook post.

She rushed to get her own children out of the lake, before running over to the nearby pier. Alyssa could see that several children were drowning after being pulled out into the deep water.

“They could barely keep their heads above water. They were literally drowning in front of my eyes and there was not one person on that side of the beach I could scream to for help,” Alyssa continued.

“It was empty. I called 911, but I couldn’t hear a thing with the wind and waves so I just prayed they could hear me screaming for help and worked to pull those kids up the side of the pier.”

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