A Virus Attacked Her Heart, Leaving This College Girl In Need Of A Heart Transplant

Simone’s heart was not able to handle everything. The only way her life could be saved was through a heart transplant, and she needed one fast.

Simone was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where she awaited a match.

Fortunately, Simone was on the transplant waiting list for just a few days before a match was found for her.

It’s now been 15 days since Simone had her heart transplant surgery. Although things went well and Simone is stable, she is still critical and in the ICU.

GoFundMe; pictured above are more photos of Simone

3 days ago, Simone had to have surgery again; this time to take out a blood clot that was creating issues with blood flow to her leg.

In the latest update shared on her CaringBridge, Simone’s aunt said that she now has a bacterial infection in her lungs and will need a tracheotomy.

“Simone will remain in the hospital for at least a month as she recovers,” Simone’s GoFundMe page explains.

“After her release, she must remain close to the NMH in Chicago in order to receive continued care for the following 9-12 months after her transplant. The cost of her medical expenses over this critical time will be substantial.”

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe page to help cover her medical expenses, you can do so here.

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