Baby Beaten Within An Inch Of Her Life And 5 Months Later Her Family Says The Monster Who Did This Has Not Been Arrested

Madisonville, Tennessee. Earlier this year at the end of January, a sweet little 3-month-old baby girl named Makenzie was abused so badly, she almost died.

“At the end of January 2021, in Monroe County, TN, Makenzie at 3-months-old was abused within inches of her life,” her family explained in a Facebook post.

“She sustained 3 skull fractures, a leg fracture, is left with little to no eyesight, she has lost muscle tone in her lower extremities and her brain injury is still extensive.”

Makenzie’s loved ones revealed that she did not receive proper medical care for her injuries for at least 2 days after she was abused.

“Makenzie is SAFELY placed with family by the court and has a tribe of loved ones loving and providing for her.”

It’s now been 5 months since that horrific incident, and Makenzie is 8-months-old.

Her family says the monster who did this to her has still not been arrested, and police have noted what was done to Makenzie was intentional, not accidental.

Makenzie’s grandmothers Melissa and Maria and her aunt, Jessica, are now pushing to get justice for the little girl.

Facebook; pictured above is Makenzie

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