Teen Found Stabbed To Death In The Woods Behind Her Home After Tweeting Some Sinister Things

Gainesville, Georgia. Hannah Truelove was a teenager who lived in the Lake Lanier Club Apartments in Gainseville, along with her mom.

Hannah and her mom lived in a luxury gated apartment complex that had 2 pools and beautiful views of the nearby lake and mountains.

Hannah was 16-years-old. She attended Gainesville High School. She had a great sense of humor and a good deal of friends. She loved animals. She dreamed of growing up to be a veterinarian after she graduated.

She never got to live her dream, because her life came to a cruel end following a night spent in the company of her friends.

Twitter; Hannah is pictured above

On the night of August 23rd, 2012, Hannah was hanging out on the grounds of her apartment complex along with a few of her friends. This was at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Her mom Mona came home from work and wasn’t initially concerned that Hannah wasn’t there too, because the mail from that day had been brought in so Hannah had been there at some point after school.

By 9:30 that evening, Hannah still hadn’t come back and now Mona really began to panic. Hannah never stayed out late like this. Mona started to call everyone she thought might be with Hannah.

She called her ex-husband and Hannah’s dad, but Hannah was not with him. Hannah also was not with any of the friends that Mona phoned. Finally, Mona knew she had to call the police.

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