Meet Kataluna Enriquez The First Transgender Woman To Ever Compete In The Prestigious Miss USA Pageant

“I was shown the lowest so I can learn to reach my highest. But it was never the destination that kept me thriving, it was the journey to #selflove.”

When she’s not competing in pageants or standing up for LGBTQ+ rights, Kataluna is busy designing amazing couture gowns under her label Katalunakouture.

Kataluna started creating her own couture gowns after she experienced two issues in shopping for them.

First of all, the prices were something she just couldn’t swing, and second of all, it was tough for her to find a gown that fit her body well.

Facebook; pictured above is Kataluna with her winning Miss Nevada USA sash

“I was competing at my very first pageant and had no knowledge and insight of the standards and expectations,” she explained in a post on her Instagram account for her business.

“I was completely unprepared and went home that night feeling defeated. From that experience, I’ve refused to let my situation stop me from reaching my dreams and ambitions.”

“I took everything that I know, created everything with the help of my closest friends, and went on competing, winning titles, and growing.”

“Up to this day, I have never worn a store-bought or another designer’s gown in any of the competitions I’ve competed in.”

“Ultimately I’ve realized that women like me, A transgender woman could be also experiencing situations where they couldn’t afford, have the resources, or simply didn’t have the right cut to have that special moment of just simply feeling beautiful in a gown.”

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