She Suffered From Cardiac Arrest On The Night Of Her Birthday, Leaving Her In A Vegetative State And Now Her Best Friend Is Trying To Raise The Money To Get Her Home

It seems that perhaps Lucia is making small steps towards recovering, though the chances of her making a full recovery are slim.

Cherish has acknowledged the grave news, but she’s still hoping for Lucia to miraculously recover.

In the meantime, Cherish is raising money to help get Lucia an Air Ambulance flight back to Slovakia, where her family lives.

Facebook; pictured above is another photo of Lucia

“All of Lucia’s family resides in Slovakia, and the family and I would like to be able to send her home to receive the proper love, care, and support she deserves,” Cherish wrote.

“This woman is an angel, has a heart of gold, and always been a giver to anyone no matter the situation.”

“Now, it’s my turn to help her in any way possible to send her home to family, as that is what I know deep down she would want.”

“Please consider donating towards the cost of her travel through air ambulance. Due to her medical state and condition, this is the only way we can get her back home as she requires a full medical team with her.”

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe for Lucia that Cherish has set up, you can do that here.

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