She Suffered From Cardiac Arrest On The Night Of Her Birthday, Leaving Her In A Vegetative State And Now Her Best Friend Is Trying To Raise The Money To Get Her Home

Dallas, Texas. A young woman named Lucia was celebrating her 29th birthday when she suffered a terrible tragedy.

“Lucia, on the night of her birthday at the age of 29, collapsed and went into cardiac arrest causing her heart to stop and oxygen to stop flowing to her brain,” Lucia’s best friend Cherish explained on a GoFundMe page.

“This lack of oxygen resulted in severe brain damage and has left Lucia in a vegetative state.”

Over the past 3 months, Lucia has been in a coma and placed on life support, while in the ICU.

Despite coming out of her coma, being able to breathe on her own, and being able to finally leave the ICU, Lucia’s doctors sadly believe she will not come out of the vegetative state she has been left in due to the damage that happened.

Facebook; pictured above is Lucia

Lucia is currently in a nursing home located in Irving, Texas, where she requires constant care, but according to Cherish, this hasn’t been a great place for her to be in.

“Lucia has now been moved to a nursing home, unfortunately, due to lack of her insurance, the nursing home hasn’t been the best place for her care and negligence has already occurred,” Cherish said.

Although Lucia does not have any cognitive function, Cherish said that she can yawn on occasion as well as close and open her eyes.

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