She Ate A Popsicle, So She Was Locked In Her Sister’s Barbie Box As Punishment Until She Suffocated: Inside The Appalling Life And Death Of Ame Deal

Phoenix, Arizona. Ame Deal had almost turned 11-years-old. Just 12 days before her birthday, her young life was extinguished by her own abusive family members.

She lived in Phoenix, Arizona with her family, but her life was nothing but sad from the start. She never got to really be a kid. She never got to enjoy her life.

It’s completely unfathomable to me how anyone could be so cruel to a child, and yet they were; the very people who should have loved and protected her the most.

Ame’s life came to an end after she ate a popsicle, and she was locked inside of her sister’s Barbie box as punishment, where she suffocated.

Please prepare yourself before reading further, as the details of what happened to Ame in life and death are harrowing, traumatic, and heartrending. 

Facebook; pictured above is Ame as a two-year-old, sitting on a couch

Ame came into the world on July 24th, 2000. Ame’s mom Shirley Deal was married to a man named David Deal, but there was a big question as to whether or not he really was Ame’s biological father.

Shirley admits she had been cheating on her husband, but even so, she decided to put David’s name down on Ame’s birth certificate.

He denied he was her dad. So did all of his family members.

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