This Melbourne Model Strangely Died After A Quiet Morning Home With Her Dog: A Year Later Her Case Was Referred To The Homicide Unit

Melbourne, Australia. Baillee Schneider was an absolutely stunning 25-year-old model living in Melbourne.

She could really light up a room and her friends adored her.

She was working as a model and dental assistant while attending college to be a clinical aesthetician.

Baillee was beautiful, but underneath her flawless exterior, she was struggling internally and hiding what she was really up to from her parents.

Back in July of 2018, Baillee mysteriously died after a quiet morning at home with her dog. Around a year later, the coroner said she didn’t take her own life.

Instagram; Baillee poses in the photo above

Nine months before Baillee died, she started dating 51-year-old socialite Antony Hampel after his marriage ended.

Even though there was a 26-year difference in their ages, it wasn’t unusual, given that Baillee frequently dated older men.

Antony previously had a 24-year-old girlfriend Phoebe Handsjuk who passed away in 2010 after drinking excessively and taking sleeping pills, then falling 12 stories down the garbage chute of the apartment they shared together (Antony did not have a role in her death; it was ruled a suicide).

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