25 Years Ago She Left A Bizarre Note Then Poisoned Herself All Alone In A Hotel Room And Nobody Knows Who She Really Was

Seattle, Washington. It was October 9th, 1996, when a woman walked into the Hotel Vintage Park located on 5th Avenue in downtown Seattle.

A little less than 2 hours before she stepped out of a cab and through the hotel’s front doors, she had placed a phone call requesting a room for the day.

She gave the front desk staff her name, Mary Anderson, and she provided them with New York-based contact information.

Mary said that her phone number was 212.569.5549, and she said that her address back in the city was 132 East Third Street, New York, NY 11103.

Strangely enough, Mary’s phone number and address never existed at all back in New York City.

As she stood at the front desk with several suitcases that she brought with her, she handed over a few hundred dollars, which covered the cost of the room she had booked for two nights.

The front desk staff recalled that Mary seemed put together. Her fingers were neatly manicured with creamy white nail polish and she was carrying a leather handbag with her that seemed to have cost some money.

Mary finished checking in, went directly to her room, and she didn’t come out. She did not make any calls on the phone in her room, and she did not interact with any of the hotel’s staff after going up to her room.

Natalie Murry; pictured above artist Natalie Murry recreated what Mary most likely looked like when she was alive

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