Her Mom Gave Her Husband-To-Be A Cruel Wedding Gift So She Told Her She’s Not Coming To The Wedding Unless She Apologizes

A 25-year-old woman is going to be getting married in a month to her husband-to-be named Kevin. Kevin really does adore her family, and her family adores him right back, but there’s one enormous issue.

Her mom writes herself off as someone who is simply “brutally honest” but it’s far beyond just that.

Her mom basically never misses an opportunity to criticize the way others look or dress, or how much money they make.

Her mom never has a nice or tasteful thing to say about anyone, and she doesn’t want to do anything to change her behavior she claims it can’t be helped.

As soon as her mom was introduced to Kevin, she couldn’t keep her mouth shut and made remarks about what kind of a degree he has and what kind of car he drives.

She did her best to put her mom in her place with multiple talks, in an effort to have mom start respecting him.

Then, her mom started focusing on the fact that Kevin can’t really grow facial hair at all, which already was something that made Kevin feel bad about.

Obviously, her mom focusing on that really affected Kevin negatively and hurt his feelings.

Despite the fact that she told her mom it was hurtful of her, her mom claimed it was all in good fun and although she apologized, things did not change from there.

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