Mom Issues Warning After Her Son Experienced Soaked Diapers And Terrible Thirst

Sacramento, California. Courtney Moore is a California mom with a 16-month-old son named Maddox living in Sacramento.

Starting this July, Courtney began realizing that Maddox was exhibiting some behavior that was concerning to her.

“For the last two weeks, Maddox has been leaking through his overnight diapers and filling up his daily diapers within an hour,” Courtney explained in a Facebook post.

“He’s been extremely thirsty, wanting to chug water the moment he woke up in the morning. But it’s been warm out, so it could’ve just been that it’s summer.”

Courtney also noticed that Maddox seemed to have lost a bit of weight, which she figured could be due to the fact that he was growing, or it could be due to something else entirely.

Courtney wasn’t comfortable with just trusting that everything with Maddox was fine, so she thought it was best to take him to the pediatrician for a check-up.

Facebook; pictured above is Courtney’s son Maddox

She just felt that things were not right, and she was correct in feeling that.

“I called his pediatrician who ordered bloodwork,” Courtney continued. “An hour after that bloodwork, we received 4 emergency calls from Kaiser telling us his glucose level was 684 (normal range is low 100s) and we needed to rush him to the ER right away.”

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