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Mom Swears She Has A Video Of Paranormal Activity Happening In Her Son’s Crib And TikTok Thinks It’s Freaky

When you have little children in the house, it’s easy to feel like your mind is playing a joke on you, especially if you’re getting little to no sleep. 

As an outcome, it’s not uncommon to think you saw something that wasn’t there. On the other hand, one mother has been left terrified after witnessing what she claims to be “paranormal” activity in her baby’s nursery.

Mom Erika Danielle posted a video from her baby monitor in a series of TikTok videos that made her feel uneasy.

She posted the disturbing video on TikTok under @erikadaniellexo where it has since gone viral and has received over 9.1 million views on the internet.

She captioned the clip, “We have paranormal things happen a lot in our home. Look close or you might miss it.”

The video starts by showing her baby soundly sleeping in his crib. Erika’s son then starts moving his legs and wakes up with a start.

TikTok; pictured above is Erika’s son in the video

As he attempts to sit up, a sudden light appears out of nowhere in front of the camera and proceeds up the wall. Her followers have nicknamed it “an orb of light.”

While we would have assumed it was a one-time occurrence, Erika revealed that recently discovered the “orb” in her son’s room a second time. 

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