She Was Kidnapped Right Out Of Her Boyfriend’s Car Then Murdered 3 Days Later But It Took 46 Years To Catch Her Killer And He Finally Admitted What He Did

Fort Worth, Texas. Carla Walker was a 17-year-old cheerleader and high school student living in Fort Worth.

On February 17th, 1974, Carla got dressed up and ready to go to her school’s Valentine’s Day dance along with her boyfriend, Rodney McCoy.

Rodney was a year older than Carla and the two of them were the definition of high school sweethearts.

What should have been a safe and fun evening for the young couple turned into a terrifying time that ended in Carla’s murder 3 days later.

Facebook; Carla smiles in the photo above

Rodney had picked Carla up in his car that night, and the two decided to head over to the parking lot of the Ridglea Bowl, a bowling alley that was quite popular with their peers.

While Carla was sitting there next to Rodney in his car, a man approached them with a gun and ripped Carla right out of the passenger seat.

The man beat Rodney up, threatened to kill him, then whipped him with the pistol he had been carrying. Rodney lost consciousness and the man whisked Carla away into the dark.

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