At Her Dad’s Engagement Party, She Referred To His Girlfriend As A Mistress And Her Dad Says She Ruined Everything

A young woman’s mom passed away 2 years ago when they were just 18-years-old. Her mom passed away at 39 after suffering from a brain aneurysm.

When her mom died, she actually was not with her dad and was in the middle of a divorce.

Her dad had cheated on her mom with his coworker named Amanda, and she really believes her dad caused her mom’s death due to the fact that she was heartbroken.

Following her mom’s funeral, she decided she no longer wanted to speak to her dad, but all that changed not too long ago when he reached out to her to connect again.

She then learned that her dad was still in a relationship with Amanda, and she began accepting that after she realized that her dad was so happy to be with her.

One month ago, her dad proposed to Amanda, and he told her prior to telling anyone else in his life.

She said she was excited for the two of them, and just last week was the engagement party. Her dad’s friends and family members were in attendance, and things were going fine, up until the toast.

“During the toast dad said something like “I just can’t wait to marry the perfect woman. I thank God for giving me the love of my life after all those years that I wasted with someone else,” she explained.

“I walked out of the room after hearing what my father said. He basically considered his marriage to my late mother a ‘waste of his time’. It broke my heart and I wanted to leave right away but dad’s friend (my godfather) and Amanda followed me.”

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