First Grader Playing During Recess Hospitalized After Being Hit With A Piece Of Steel Kicked Up By A Lawnmower

Silver Lake, Wisconsin. 6-year-old Alex Hook is a first grade student at Riverview Elementary School.

This past Friday on September 10th, Alex was playing during recess at school when something terrible happened to him.

A piece of steel rebar was kicked up from a lawnmower, striking Alex in his head.

“My beloved 6-year-old nephew and Godson, Alex Hook was at recess on 9/10/21 with his first-grade classmates,” Alex’s aunt and godmother Michelle Delaquila Koertgen wrote on a GoFundMe page.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Alex

“During this time a landscaper practiced very poor judgment by deciding it was okay to mow the grass on the median located directly across from where the children were playing.”

“While mowing, the landscaper ran over a piece of rebar which flew with a vengeance directly into the back of Alex’s head.”

“He was flown by helicopter to Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee where he underwent emergency brain surgery.”

“He sustained a fractured skull, brain bleeding and a piece of his bone had to be removed from his brain.”

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