She Planned To Travel Across The Country In A Van With Her Boyfriend But Nobody Has Heard From Her In Weeks

Salt Lake City, Utah. 22-year-old Gabrielle Petito is from Blue Point, New York. Her loved ones call her Gabby, and she recently decided to follow her dream across America with her boyfriend that she has been dating for 2 years.

Gabby and her boyfriend bought a white-colored Ford Transit van from 2012 and planned out a cross-country trip together.

At the start of their trip, they drove their van through Florida and to New York, and they even created a YouTube account to video their journey.

Most recently, Gabby and her boyfriend left New York on July 2nd and made their way west. The couple stopped in Colorado before driving to Utah.

Gabby was last spotted at a hotel located in Salt Lake City on August 24th. After that, she allegedly made it to Grand Teton National Park the following day, and she did call her family then.

Instagram; pictured above is Gabby

Unfortunately, nobody has heard from Gabby since August 25th, but her van was recently found without her in it.

Her family said that she was supposed to be traveling to Yellowstone, and to the best of their knowledge, she did not arrive there.

“Gabrielle Petito was reported missing to the Suffolk County Police Department by her family on September 11 at approximately 6:55 p.m,” the Suffolk County Police Department said in a statement.

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