I Bet You Can’t Watch This Video Of Steve From Blue’s Clues Explaining Why He Suddenly Left The Show Without Tearing Up

“And then look at you, and look at all you have done, and all you have accomplished in all that time. And it’s just…it’s just so amazing, right?”

“I mean, we started out with clues, and now, it’s what? Student loans, and um, jobs and families? And some of it has been kind of hard, you know? I know you know.”

“And I wanted to tell you that I really couldn’t have done all of that without your help. And in fact, all the help that you helped me with when we were younger is still helping me today. Right now.”

“And that’s super cool. I guess I just wanted to say that after all these years I never forgot you. Ever. And I’m super glad we’re still friends.”

“Thanks for listening. You look great by the way. Whatever it is you’re doing is working.”

You can watch Steve’s video below, but I bet you can’t watch it without tearing up!

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