She Donated Her Engagement Ring That Belonged To Her Ex’s Grandma To Her Friend So He Could Auction It Off To Raise Money To Make An Orphanage

A woman says she has a friend who is looking to hold an auction so he can raise enough money to make an orphanage back in the country he is from.

When he asked her if she could donate something to the auction, she said she could give him her engagement ring.

She was engaged, but she and her ex broke up three years ago.

She still has the engagement ring because her ex has not made an effort to get it back, though she has made several attempts to return it to him.

She has tried to reach out to him over the years to say she will send it to him. He never replied, and then she asked if she could sell it, but he still did not reply.

Now that it’s been 3 whole years, she thought it would be a good idea to give it to her friend’s auction because at least it’s going to a good cause.

Although her ex has never answered her after multiple attempts to get in touch with him about the ring, she thought it would be fair to let him know for one last time what she is going to be doing with it.

She texted her ex to say she would be giving her ring to her friend’s auction, and then after he failed to respond, she moved forward with donating it.

She then sent her ex a second text to tell him she had gone through with it, and he still never replied.

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