Single Mom Starts Online Fundraiser To Keep Her Son With “A Heart Of Gold” Enrolled In College

Fort Worth, Texas. Kelli Turner is a single mom of three children living in Fort Worth, Texas. Just a few days ago, this single mom took to the internet to create an online fundraiser in order to keep one of her sons who has “a heart of gold” enrolled in college.

Although Kelli’s son Kai has financial aid, small scholarships, and a pell grant, that does not cover the cost of Kai’s college entirely, and Kelli is struggling to pay for him and her other son (both of them are her oldest children) to stay enrolled in college.

“Hello beautiful souls! It took a lot for me to create this fundraiser, and I have exhausted myself trying to find another way,” Kelli wrote on a GoFundMe page she created to keep Kai enrolled at UTA, where he is currently a student.

GoFundMe; pictured above Kelli smiles with her son Kai

“I had to swallow my pride and realize that I need help. Most of you know me and know that I am a mother of 3. My two oldest are in college. This fundraiser is to help me keep my son Kai in UTA. I am a single mother who has fought hard to give my kids everything I could.”

Kelli went on to say that the pandemic meant that Kai missed out on half of his junior year of high school and his whole senior year.

Kai was working hard towards his goal of receiving a football scholarship so he could play for Georgia Tech, but the pandemic meant that his football training was canceled entirely. Kai had spent 10 years working towards getting a football scholarship, and suddenly, that was completely off the table.

GoFundMe; pictured above is another photo of Kelli with her son Kai

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