This Amazing Woman Is Making Quarantine Barbies That We Can All Relate To

Tonya Ruiz used to be a model, and she used to be not a big fan of Barbie. Now, Tonya is going viral for what she’s doing with the dolls, and it’s pretty amazing.

Despite her feelings about Barbie, Tonya owned some because she brought them along while giving speeches about body positivity.

While she talked, she would show one to her audience and explain, “I believe these dolls set a standard for perfection that is unattainable for any human and gives your young daughters the wrong idea about beauty.”

Eventually, the Barbies Tonya brought along during her speeches ended up forgotten in an attic box. While going through some things up there, Tonya rediscovered them, much to the delight of her granddaughters.

They begged her to play with them, so Tonya said yes. She then thought it would be a good idea to try to help her granddaughters find Barbies that looked like all of their family members since in recent years Mattel has made more than just the cookie-cutter blonde we all knew growing up.

Picking out Barbies that matched their family members turned into a really neat project for Tonya. She and her granddaughters started making little sets for them and taking photos.

Then quarantine happened.

Instagram; Tonya smiles in the photo above, along with a Barbie-sized living room she built

Tonya thought it would be fun to make different quarantine style Barbies to reflect current events, and honestly, I think we can relate to all of them.

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