22-Year-Old Found Dumped And Run Over In An Alleyway With A Man’s DNA Under Her Fingernails And 5 Years Later Nobody Has Been Charged With Her Murder

St. Petersburg, Florida. December 22nd, 2016. It was just a few days before Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year.

These December days are supposed to be full of peace, joy, generosity, and family. For 22-year-old Taylor McAllister, December 22nd was her last day on earth.

There was so much that this young, talented woman who loved singing and playing guitar left behind.

She left behind 2 little girls, twins, just 18-months-old. They never would get to grow up to know their own mom.

She left behind a family who was devastated by her strange death, leaving them with more questions than answers.

She also left behind a major clue as to who knew what happened in her final hours, so why has nobody been charged with her murder?

Here’s what happened to Taylor and why she has not yet gotten justice 5 years later.

Please prepare yourself before reading further, as the details of what happened to Taylor are very upsetting.

Facebook; Taylor smiles in the photo above

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