A Man Drove Past Her As She Was Jogging, Then Doubled Back To Snatch Her Off The Street And Kill Her

Facebook; Sydney smiles in the photo above

Sydney’s cause of death was multiple blunt force injuries, and she had clearly been murdered.

It wasn’t long before authorities zeroed in on 28-year-old farmer Quake Lewellyn as Sydney’s murderer.

While Sydney had been out for her jog, Quake admitted to authorities he noticed her as he drove his truck past her, then doubled back so he could snatch her right off the street.

Facebook; Sydney is pictured above with her Poodles

Quake claimed that he hit this vibrant 25-year-old with his pickup truck, before picking her up and putting her into his truck. He then sexually assaulted her and buried her body in a field.

But then, he went about his life as usual, and he had the audacity to help run a Facebook page devoted to finding Sydney before authorities caught up with him for questioning.

Facebook; Sydney wears a big smile, above

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