Everyone Is Accusing Her Of Upstaging The Bride At A Wedding When All She Tried To Do Was Look Nice

A woman recently went to her cousin’s wedding, and now she’s being accused of upstaging the bride when all she tried to do was look nice.

She started out by saying that she never met her cousin prior to being invited to her wedding.

She knew the wedding was going to be on the smaller side, and it was very important to her to try to make the best first impression that she could.

She also mentioned that she was bullied when she was younger, so she makes it a point to always look her best, even if she’s just making a coffee run.

Anyway, she wasted no time trying to figure out what to wear to her cousin’s wedding.

The invite she received from her cousin indicated that it was going to be cocktail attire, and she finally settled on a tea-length style dress (which hits around the calves).

Now, the dress she picked out was something she had previously worn to weddings she had attended. She didn’t go out and buy something new, she used what she had in her closet.

She paired her dress with a chiffon shawl of the same color, along with genuine pearl earrings and a necklace.

She booked a hair appointment a week prior to the wedding so her hair would like good. The day finally arrived, and she did her makeup nicely before heading over to the wedding.

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