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15 Years Ago Jennifer Kesse Was Taken While On Her Way To Work And Her Family Is Working On Investigating Leads That Might Finally Help Solve Her Case

Orlando, Florida. 24-year-old Jennifer Kesse was abducted from Orlando, Florida, on January 24th, 2006, while she was on her way to work that morning.

Jennifer had graduated 3 years before she went missing from the University of Central Florida after completing her degree in finance.

She then got a job working at a timeshare resort company called Westgate Resorts, in Ocoee. She was intelligent, well-liked, and hard working. Jennifer moved up quickly in her job and then decided she would invest in a condo for herself.

Her parents helped her pick out the perfect one, and it was situated in a complex that was largely unoccupied while it was still being built.

Jennifer was one of the first and only residents, and her family later recalled her being nervous in the complex, as there were a lot of men around completing the work on the buildings.

The men would obviously stop their work to watch her walk by, with some even daring to make catcalls at her. It’s easy to see why this behavior made her uneasy.

Facebook; pictured above is Jennifer

A few days before Jennifer vanished, she took a vacation to Saint Croix with her boyfriend Rob. While she was gone, her brother Logan stayed at her place and had a few friends over to hang out.

One of those young men was Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend, Matt, though she was no longer in any kind of contact with him.

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