She Was 12-Years-Old And 9 Months Pregnant When She Disappeared Into The Cold December Night 25 Years Ago

Willingboro, New Jersey. 12-year-old Celina Janette Mays didn’t have a cushy or easy life at all, and her struggles started long before she became pregnant as a pre-teen.

Her parents met back when her dad, C.J. Mays, was a musician and her mom, Lynn Marie Vitale, was a dancer.

They both had substance abuse issues and a turbulent relationship that turned violent quite frequently.

They never did get married, but after they ended things with one another a bitter custody battle for Celina ensued. Lynn ultimately won and got full custody of Celina.

Lynn worked hard on herself while harnessing her addictions, and she was able to land a job as a school custodian.

Sadly, when Celina was 10-years-old, Lynn passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm. A full-blown battle was on again for who had custody over Celina, with her mom’s loved ones on one end and her dad C.J. on the other.

After going to live for a bit with a few of Lynn’s friends, Celina was sent to live with C.J. on Crestwood Drive, a residential street in Willingboro, New Jersey.

Celina and C.J. were not the only ones under that roof; one of Celina’s aunts, her stepmother, and various other relatives lived there as well.

New Jersey State Police; pictured above is Celina at the time of her disappearance

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