She’s Being Accused Of Ruining Her Brother’s Wedding Over Refusing To Watch All The Kids That Will Be There For $50

She generously agreed to babysit if Emily would pay her $150 and her boyfriend $150, though Emily said she would only pay them $50.

Her brother piped up and revealed he already signed her up to watch the kids. He added it would “save them a lot of money” and that it was “too late for them to find a different sitter.”

Whoah, boy. First, Emily didn’t even want to include her at the wedding because she qualifies as a kid in Emily’s eyes, and now Emily expects this young woman to babysit all the kids Emily doesn’t want at the wedding? What a situation.

This young woman insisted she would not be babysitting the kids, and Emily freaked out on her. Emily called her “greedy” and a “selfish brat.”

Emily argued babysitting would be “practice” since this young woman wants to be a teacher and then Emily said she should be getting paid for providing that practice.

The icing on the cake here was Emily uninviting her from the ceremony for not agreeing to babysit, and accusing her of ruining the wedding.

Nobody in her family stood up to Emily. As Emily basically kept on yelling at her, the other people eating in the restaurant couldn’t help but notice what was going on.

In the end, this young woman and her boyfriend left after paying for their meals.

“I honestly don’t care about babysitting,” this young woman continued. “In fact, I would probably do it for free. My entire family knows this.”

Her entire family is upset with her for refusing to babysit, but she was only trying to stand up for herself and she no longer wants to put up with Emily’s behavior towards her.

How would you deal with this?

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