His Late Wife Left Their Kids Money For College, And His New Wife Is Furious With Him For Never Disclosing That It’s A Substantial Amount of Cash

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This man was married to his first wife, Sammy, for 8 years, and together they had two children. They had a daughter, Delaney, who is currently 18, and they had a son named Finn, who is a year younger than his sister.

Sammy was sadly born with a terrible heart defect that didn’t get diagnosed for a number of years. When Sammy became pregnant with Delaney, that’s when doctors realized that she had the defect.

Sammy had struggled with multiple health issues throughout her whole life, which pointed to the defect, yet doctors had ignored it for so long.

“During her pregnancy with our son, she went into total heart failure, and between one thing or another, she realized she would not get another heart in time,” he explained.

“Sammy came into money a few years before her death. We had always talked about that going toward our kids’ college expenses.”

“When she realized it was unlikely she would live long enough to see them past kindergarten and first grade, she asked me how I would feel about her parents being in charge of the money.”

Now, his family is awful, and he always knew that if they got their hands on this money, they would spend it all in a heartbeat and without any consideration for the kids.

So he told Sammy that he was alright with her mom and dad being in charge of the money. He ended up losing Sammy far sooner than he expected, though she did pass peacefully.

Four years after Sammy’s passing, he met his new wife, Nat. After dating Nat for two years, he got married to her.

ID 58726548 – © Apartura – – illustrative purposes only

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