She’s Only Inviting Her Parents To Her Wedding To Attend As Guests And She Has A Good Reason For Not Wanting Them More Involved

A 27-year-old woman was the only child growing up in her family until a terrible accident changed all of that at the age of 8.

One of her grandmothers, her aunt, and her uncle passed away in a car crash, and because of that, her triplet cousins were left orphaned.

Her cousins were just 6 months old at the time of the accident, and her mom and dad decided to adopt them.

Now, her mom worked as a teacher, but after the accident and adopting her infant cousins, her mom left to be a stay-at-home mom and take care of her cousins, who had a lot of needs.

Her parents were very middle class, but taking on an additional three children put a strain on finances.

“From ages 8 to 13, my parents were too focused on my cousins that they forgot they had a daughter, and the money was so tight that I had to quit all of my hobbies because my cousins’ hobbies were expensive and they needed to make sure that they maintained the same standard of living for them,” she explained.

Her aunt and uncle had life insurance, and that money was set aside for when her cousins would go to college.

When she turned 13, 5 years after the accident, her grandparents on her mom’s side revealed to her that her mom and dad used all of the money they had put aside for her college education.

Her grandparents had found out about this, and her mom and dad had made it clear they would never speak to them again if they told her about her college money.

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