This Little Girl Is Fighting Salmonella After Most Likely Getting It From Eating A Slice Of Lime

Just a few weeks ago, the CDC announced that a salmonella outbreak was sweeping across 35 states and it currently has ended up with 66 people being hospitalized.

The outbreak impacted 8 people in Arkansas, and as for how little Juniper came down with it? Her mom Dana thinks it may have to do with her eating a slice of lime.

Speaking to 5NEWS, Juniper’s mom said that shortly before Juniper was hospitalized, she cut up a lime at home and let Juniper sample a piece of it.

Juniper’s mom just had ACL surgery done, and is still in the middle of recovering from it, so it’s been difficult for Juniper’s family to now deal with her hospitalization on top of that.

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe page set up to help out Juniper’s family with her hospital bills, you can do that here.

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