A Little Girl Appeared Alone In Her Driveway, So She Let Her Come Inside, Only To Find Out The Girl Was Reported As A Runaway

A 22-year-old woman essentially lives by herself, since her dad is gone for work close to a month at a time.

In between work trips, her dad only spends several days at their home before heading off again.

Yesterday evening, right as the sun was going down, this young woman was home alone when she spotted a little girl walking down the street before appearing in her driveway.

She found it strange that the little girl only had on shorts and a sports bra, especially since it was very cold out. The little girl also had no shoes on her feet.

She went right outside and asked the little girl if she was alright.

“…She said she got kicked out of her house and that she was 11-years-old,” she explained. “I told her to come inside where it was warm and started trying to figure out what to do.”

“She told me that she got in an argument with her older (16) sister and that her sister grabbed her by the hair and threw her out the front door and told her to go away.”

“But she asked me over and over again not to call the police. She said her mom was yelling at her and taking her sister’s side.”

The little girl did call her 24-year-old brother while she was at his house, but her brother couldn’t be bothered to pick her up or care about the situation.

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