Hundreds Of FedEx Packages Were Just Found Mysteriously Dumped Out In The Woods

Birmingham, Alabama. If you’re from the Birmingham area and missing a package or two from Fed-Ex, I might know where they are: the woods.

Four days ago, the Blount County Sheriff’s Office announced in a Facebook post that around 300 to 400 FedEx packages were discovered mysteriously dumped out in the woods outside of Birmingham…

….And nobody knows how they all got there.

“To everyone in West Blount County missing packages from FedEx,” the Blount County Sheriff’s Office said in their post.

“I currently have a deputy on a location where it appears 300-400 boxes of assorted sizes have been thrown off a ravine.”

“An area manager from FedEx is en route to the scene. Hopefully, we will have some answers soon.”

Facebook; pictured above is the first post from the Blount County Sheriff’s Office regarding the dumped packages

Sheriff Moon with the Blount County Sheriff’s Office then shared a follow-up post asking people to not show up at the property where the packages were found.

“Please do not come to the scene where the packages are,” Sheriff Moon explained. “I am here and two deputies. This is private property. Thank you.”

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