This Firefighter Lost Practically Everything When His Own House Caught Fire: Now He’s Asking For Help For Him And His Family To Get Back On Their Feet

Marietta, Georgia. Terron Harris is a firefighter living in Marietta, Georgia, along with his wife and their children.

Sadly, Terron’s own home caught fire around a month ago, and he and his loved ones lost practically everything they ever owned.

Thankfully, Terron and his family members were not terribly injured in the fire, and only one of Terron’s family members suffered from a burn that was minor.

Terron and his family lost their photos, their clothing, their heirlooms, and their jewelry, to name just a few things that were destroyed in the fire.

Only a couple of items were able to be saved in the aftermath, and Terron and his loved ones are grateful they were able to escape the fire with their lives.

However, Terron and his family have faced a tough reality since they lost their home and belongings; it’s expensive to replace what was burned.

“I am writing this because as a Firefighter, I have remained “strong” and prideful,” Terron explained on a GoFundMe page.

“I have held my head up and kept my words few. I have stayed positive and upbeat for my family and friends.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is a photo of Terron and his family, along with a photo of their home after the fire

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