Everything You Need To Know About The Disappearance Of Natalee Holloway, The Gorgeous American Teen Last Seen On Vacation In Aruba

16 years ago, Natalee Holloway went missing while on vacation in the Caribbean. Back in May of 2005, Natalee had just graduated from high school. She was 18-years-old. She was an excellent student: part of the National Honor Society and she also was very involved in the school’s dance team.

Natalee dreamed of being a doctor and had been accepted into the University of Alabama to study pre-med on a full-ride scholarship. However, her dreams were tragically cut short before she could make it there. She would never return home from her vacation celebration. 

Natalee’s strange disappearance made international headlines. There was even a movie made about her in 2009. We’re all still left with more questions than answers about what really happened to this beautiful American teenager who vanished while on vacation, but here is everything you need to know, below.

Facebook; pictured above Natalee smiles big while wearing a sequined outfit

Natalee was born in Clinton, Mississippi, along with her younger brother Matthew. After their parents divorced, their mom Beth raised them alone before remarrying a well-known businessman from Alabama. Beth moved her children to Mountain Brook, Alabama to live with her and her new husband, George Twitty. 

Mountain Brook is located just outside Birmingham and is well known for being an affluent and safe area to live. Natalee attended the local school district, where Beth worked and graduated with honors from Mountain Brook High School.

Wikipedia; pictured above is Natalee’s senior photo from her yearbook

Natalee and 124 of her fellow classmates decided to take a trip to celebrate their graduation from high school. So, they took a trip to Aruba for a five-day vacation and left on Thursday, May 26th, 2005.

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