More Than 40 Middle School Students Strangely Got Sick At School, But Nobody Knows What Caused It

Several people commented on the school’s post, expressing outrage over the fact that the school didn’t know the reason why so many kids fell ill.

One mom named Tiffany who has a child at the middle school was upset to have never gotten a call from the school alerting her to the situation.

“I understand your hands were full today, but the school board should have put out an automated phone call just like they did last week to let us know the lockdown was just a drill,” she commented.

“We had a pre lockdown warning, and a post lockdown warning. Then today the news crew was up at the school long before most of us even knew what was going on!”

“Students coming home and telling parents what happened long before the phone call sent out at almost 5 PM was alarming. Today was terrifying for students, parents, and staff..and still, we have no answers.”

Facebook; pictured above is the post from the school regarding the bizarre incident
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