More Than 40 Middle School Students Strangely Got Sick At School, But Nobody Knows What Caused It

Boonville, North Carolina. Starmount Middle School is part of the Yadkin County School District in Boonville, North Carolina.

Just a few days ago, the school took to Facebook to confirm some disturbing news; more than 40 of their middle school students strangely got sick while at school, but nobody knows what caused it.

“Good Afternoon Starmount Middle School Family,” the post on Facebook began. “This afternoon we had approximately 40 6th grade students become ill.”

“Students exhibited nausea, headaches, and mild abdominal discomfort. Initially, it was reported that a CO2 leak or food poisoning was the cause.”

“At this time, the cause is unknown, but is under investigation by the Yadkin County Health Department, Emergency Management, and the school.”

“Our first priority was the wellbeing of our students. Office staff notified parents of affected students. Emergency management was contacted and responded to the school. Additionally, nurses from other schools also provided support.”

Brocreative –

“All students were evaluated by EMS and no students were transported to the hospital. At dismissal, most of the students were feeling normal.”

The school went on to say that the students who had gotten sick were excused from attending school the following day if they happened to still be experiencing symptoms.

The school also asked all parents to keep them informed if they took any of their children to see a doctor.

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