His Sister Didn’t Ask His Fiancée To Be A Bridesmaid And The Reason She Gave Is Horrible

A man has been with his fiancée for 4 years now, but prior to their relationship, his fiancée was his sister’s best friend.

Even after he began dating her, his sister remained very close to his fiancée. They stopped being what you would consider besties, but regardless, they’re close enough that they spend time together once a week.

His fiancée and his sister frequently go shopping with one another, or they go to the salon too.

“I also have a brother, who recently got a girlfriend,” he explained. “He’s been dating his GF for 8 months. She’s a very conventionally attractive woman and she works in a modeling company.”

“Her character though is not as nice. Their relationship with my brother is very toxic, both of them take advantage of and mistreat each other a lot in several ways, and also she has insulted my sister and my mother.”

“That has caused a strain in the relationship between my brother and my sister/mom.”

Anyway, his sister is getting married soon, and she just selected the bridesmaids. What’s strange is that she didn’t invite his fiancée to be part of her bridal party, but she did ask their brother’s new awful girlfriend that everyone hates.

Obviously, his fiancée was devastated that she wasn’t asked to be a bridesmaid.

His fiancée said nothing though because she didn’t want to upset his sister. He also chose not to bring up the issue with his sister.

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