Right Before Halloween, This College Freshman Vanished Right Off The MSU Campus And Although It’s Been Close To A Month Since He Disappeared There Really Are No Answers Regarding What Happened To Him Or Where He Is

“Brendan drove his vehicle to MSU, parked it and it never moved. Brendan was not carrying his keys to his vehicle and his parents were able to take his vehicle home.”

“Brendan was carrying keys to his friend’s vehicle. They are in his back pocket. The picture on the page is the spare set. The friend’s vehicle was parked at Emmons Hall Friday and had not moved until it was towed to the dealership for new keys on Sunday.”

“The boys checked the vehicle throughout the day on Saturday assuming Brendan went to sleep in the vehicle. When it became clear he had not returned they contacted the MSU campus police. The police did search the vehicle.”

Facebook; pictured above is a flyer for Brendan

While Brendan does own a credit card and bank card, neither of his cards have been used since the night he went missing.

Brendan is extremely close to his mom and dad, and he was happy in all aspects of his life, including school and home.

He wasn’t depressed, and he wasn’t unhappy, which leads his loved ones to believe his disappearance was not voluntary. Brendan’s family is offering a reward of $5,000 for any information that brings him home.

If you see Brendan or have any information related to his disappearance, you can call the MSU Police Department at 844.996.7873 or email them at

Facebook; pictured above is a photo of Brendan’s cross necklace

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