She Fell 11 Stories To Her Death After Ending Up In The Trash Chute Of Her Apartment Building But Her Mom Isn’t Positive This Was An Accident

Summit, New Jersey. 19-year-old Justine Gross grew up in Summit, New Jersey, where she graduated from Summit High School.

In high school, Justine was an honors student and a varsity cheerleader. After graduation, she started studying liberal arts at Penn State, and this year marked her sophomore year there.

“Justine was a ray of sunshine,” her obituary reads. “She had a sassy and fun personality. Justine was a beautiful person inside and out.”

“She loved music, dancing, learning about fashion and makeup, and lovingly teasing her family members.”

“Justine had a vibrant and infectious personality that helped her connect with others easily. She had a laugh and a smile that could brighten anyone’s day.”

“When Justine was not cruising around in her Jeep in her hometown, she could be found in her room having a dance party. She always brought so much life, warmth, and joy to her family at home.”

Facebook; pictured above is Justine

On November 11th, Justine was reported missing from her apartment located on E. Beaver Avenue in State College, Pennsylvania.

She was last seen the evening before she was reported missing, and on November 12th, she was heartbreakingly found dead in the trash chute of her building.

“Police can confirm that Gross died as a result of a fall inside an 11th floor solid waste disposal chute 456 E. Beaver Avenue, into a waste receptacle on the ground floor which occurred around 11:30 p.m. on November 10th,” the State College Police Department explained in a press release.

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