She Didn’t Cover Up Her Scar When She Was A Bridesmaid In Her Friend’s Wedding And Now Her Friend Is Mad At Her

A 23-year-old woman recently was part of her 24-year-old college roommate’s wedding. The wedding happened about 4 weeks ago, and she felt that everything went smoothly that day.

Several days ago, she noticed that her friend had posted photos of her wedding on social media, though one thing was markedly missing from her posts.

Her friend did not share any photos that had been taken with the bridesmaids, which she considered to be odd for sure.

She decided to reach out to one of the other women who had been a bridesmaid in her friend’s wedding to ask about why her friend never posted those photos.

This bridesmaid revealed something shocking to her.

“I talked to another one of the bridesmaids about it and she confided in me that the bride was unhappy with the photos of me in them, and that she wanted the photographer to retouch them to remove a large scar that I have on my chest and arm,” she explained.

“I’m not going to get too into it but I got the scar when I was a kid, from a random attack. It’s always been something I was really self-conscious about but I’ve recently become more comfortable with it.”

“The bridesmaids dress she picked out exposes the entire thing, so obviously I didn’t think there would be an issue.”

It turns out, her friend the bride, and a bunch of the bridesmaids thought that she was a terrible person for not covering up her scar at the wedding.

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