She Was Diagnosed With An Inflammatory Disease, Then Chronic Kidney Disease, And She’s Struggling To Pay Her Medical Bills While Keeping A Roof Over Her Head

Chicago, Illinois. Anitra Hutcherson had to go on medical leave without pay in April and has not returned to work due to continued health concerns.

She doesn’t have any immediate living family, and her community of friends could not visit her in the hospital due to Covid protocols. Hutcherson’s story is, sadly, not unique, but it is essential to share.

On her GoFundMe page, Hutcherson describes the beginnings of her struggles in 2018: “I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, which is an inflammatory disease that affects various parts of the body, mainly the lymph nodes, lungs, eyes, and skin…my sarcoidosis decided to affect my kidneys.”

This diagnosis should have answered some of Hutcherson’s questions, but her treatment plan only created more. She began a steroid treatment for sarcoidosis that caused her to gain weight and finished in early 2019.

However, soon after, she started losing weight rapidly, experiencing fatigue, extreme back pain, anxiety, and depression.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Anitra Hutcherson

She changed jobs in the hopes of reducing stress and maintaining her health, even taking a substantial pay cut. But budgeting and managing her symptoms soon became overwhelming.

Fortunately, a checkup in 2020 revealed the cause of her pain and weight loss; Hutcherson was in stage 4 severe renal failure.

Her official diagnosis was Chronic Renal Sarcoidosis, which is the precursor to kidney failure.

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