She Was Last Seen 2 Weeks Ago Leaving Her Son’s Football Game With Her Dog And Though Her Dog Was Found On The 28th Floor Of An Apartment Building She’s Still Missing

Downey, California. On October 17th, 39-year-old Heidi Planck packed her dog up into her grey, 2017 Range Rover, and she pulled out of her driveway.

Heidi then drove from her home in Los Angeles to Downey to see her son play football.

Heidi and Jim Wayne, her ex-husband, shared custody of their 10-year-old son, and Jim also had also shown up to the football game that day to show his support.

Speaking to Dateline, Jim recalled that Heidi seemed to be on edge when he saw her at the football game.

She then ended up taking her dog and leaving in the middle of the game’s halftime period.

“She was a little bit antsy, yes. I don’t know why,” Jim told Dateline. “All I know is that was the last time I saw her or talked to her.”

Facebook; pictured above is Heidi

Heidi was supposed to get their son from school a few days later on October 20th, but she never made it.

Growing concerned, Jim contacted the Los Angeles Police Department to report Heidi as missing, and he stopped by her house to see if he might be able to find her.

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