She Was There To Help Deliver Her Best Friend’s Baby, But One Thing The Baby Was Born With Had Her Realizing Her Best Friend Was Sleeping With Her Husband

There’s really no good way to find out that someone you love is cheating on you, but to find out at the birth of your best friend’s baby just takes things to a whole new level of awful.

A mom on TikTok named Hailey Mae, and who goes by @haileymae93, was there to help her best friend deliver her baby at a local hospital.

After the baby was born with one very specific thing, Hailey learned that the reason was that her best friend was sleeping with her husband.

It all started when Hailey found out that her best friend was pregnant and abusing drugs. She decided to step in and try to help her best friend in every way that she could, including taking her to all of her doctor appointments.

Then, when her best friend went into labor, Hailey got a call from her asking that she drive her to the hospital, so she did.

“I was with her when she got her epidural, and I wore the Daddy wristband, and I gave the baby her first bath,” Hailey said in one of her TikTok videos.

She said that being there was a “beautiful experience” that she was excited to have been a part of, however, three days after the baby was born, Hailey noticed something major.

There was a very specific, hereditary birthmark that the baby had, and Hailey’s oldest son has the exact same one.

TikTok; pictured above is Hailey in one of her videos

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