She Was Wearing Nothing But A Necklace When A Truck Driver Found Her Dead Along The Highway And 41 Years Later She’s No Longer A Jane Doe

Huntsville, Texas. 41 years ago, a truck driver was making his way along I-45 on the morning of November 1st, 1980, close to where the Sam Houston National Forest is, when he spotted something off the edge of the highway.

He stopped, close to the FM 1696 exit, to see what had caught his eye. 20 feet off the highway was a young girl’s body, placed face-down.

The only thing she had on was a pendant; it was a rectangular, smoky-colored stone hanging off of a fine, gold chain.

Her toes had been painted the lightest shade of pink, her brown hair was cut into feathered wings, which was a very fashionable style back in the 80s.

Someone had tossed a pair of red, high-heeled style sandals close to where she was lying, and there were some pantyhose found nearby that seemed to have been the instrument used to strangle her, but nobody could tell for sure if they were hers or not.

Aside from the necklace and the sandals, there was no other way to possibly identify her. She had no license, no identifiable clothing; nothing.

Authorities suspected her life had been taken just hours before she was found by the truck driver. As her death made the local news, a few individuals would say that they thought that they had seen a teenaged girl that may have been her just a day earlier.

One of those people mentioned this girl was spotted around 6:30 in the evening on Halloween, holding onto a pair of heeled sandals.

She had been at the South End Gulf station, and she was wondering if someone could point her in the direction of the Ellis unit, which is a men’s prison located in Huntsville.

Another witness later confirmed they had seen this girl later on that night, and again, she was wanting directions to the prison. She had said that she was going to see one of her friends at the prison.

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