She’s In A Relationship With Her Former Teacher That She Met When She Was 14 And She Finally Broke The News To Her Family

6 years later, Michael went to teach in another country, and obviously, he had to move for that. She ended up not seeing him at all for more than 2 years.

A few days after he moved back home from that opportunity, Michael asked her to have dinner with him at his house.

“Sparks were suddenly flying like never before, and our relationship officially became romantic,” she said.

“I’ve had 2 long-term relationships before, and many short ones. Nothing compares to this. We have such a deep and established connection and we get along amazingly well. We’re in love.”

Given that she and Michael were now in a full-blown relationship, she knew it was time to break the news to her family, so she did.

She told her mom and dad while at their house for Thanksgiving last week, and her mom was shocked by ok with everything.

Her dad, on the other hand, was greatly upset to hear about her relationship with Michael.

She was supposed to spend the whole weekend at her mom and dad’s house but left early after her dad’s reaction.

Her mom is of the opinion that her dad will be open to her and Michael being together, given enough time.

“So it’s pretty sucky, but it’s worth it,” she concluded. “We are officially public now and it feels so good. Keeping things secret from my family was really wearing on me.”

“Everyone else we know is really supportive, so that’s nice, and it’s so lovely to finally hold hands while we are out in town.”

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